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My Lessons

You might know that learning is a lot easier if you love your subject. This is why I always make piano tuition engaging and encouraging. Whether students are playing their favourite Nirvana song or understanding chords, they will always be having fun.

Although students will always be having a great time, I never lose sight of results. Students are able to achieve great things because they develop a real love for learning the piano. You’ll see a real difference after just a few lessons in your abilities (or your child’s).


Why Learn the Piano?

Learning an instrument such as the piano has a number of benefits. Studying the piano can improve verbal memory and brain function, with studies suggesting that piano players can retain information better than their peers.

Playing the piano is also a great source of stress relief and an effective way to improve self-esteem and manage mental health. Learning the piano also helps to sharpen fine motor skills and learn how to internalise and respond to feedback and constructive criticism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  I’m an adult, is it too late to learn piano?

No of course not, it is never too late to learn. I love helping older students develop a lifelong love of learning the piano.

  How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are £40 per hour.

  Do you help with song writing and creating songs?

Yes, I studied music composition and love creating new songs.

  Do you teach jazz, rock or pop lessons?

Each lesson will be tailored to the students’ needs and what they want to achieve. If a student would like to learn one particular style, this can easily be accommodated.